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People wearing masks during COVID 19

What does China's apparent recovery mean for the global tourism industry?

UK tourists are attracted to museums and galleries.

Wondering which tourists to target with your next marketing campaign? The UK’s outbound tourism market is the fourth largest in the world, making the British tourist a character worth considering.

Japanese tourists

Japan's outbound tourism market is one of the fastest growing in the world. Here's how to attract more Japanese tourists to your venue.

museum dates

A new study reveals that people are interested in cultural, outdoor and novel activities when it comes to planning a date. Here's how to ride the trend and market to couples.

From the largest collection of Da Vincis ever displayed to a banana that stole the show, here’s a roundup of the five best museum marketing campaigns that happened in 2019.

Social media had more users in 2019 than ever before and more growth is projected. Here’s how your museum can adapt and get a young audience’s attention.

Attracting millennials to museums can be easy, but you need to speak their language. Here are some creative marketing ideas to engage with a younger audience!

France’s cultural goldmines deserve recognition, and the 2019 Remarkable Venue Awards aim to do just that, with the most recent event taking place at the Montparnasse Tower.

Get on board with some creative marketing strategies museums are using to cater to today's cultural consumers.

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